Our Values

At Reflexian, the Values we share inspire the work we do. We are committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it, along with sharing our love for technology and creativity.

Keeping it Clean.

We drive environmental change through the services and products we provide, daily. The Carbon Footprint we leave behind matters, and as such have been Carbon Neutral with our Services since 2021. Our Corporate Servers run on 100% renewable energy, and our Consumer Servers run on 93% renewable energy. That's a save for the Planet, and for future generations.

Inclusion, not Exclusion.

We are committed to a judgement free work-place environment, and an accepting workforce. Everyone is different, and we value that trait in humanity.

Creativity and Inventive Talent!

We are constantly adapting to new technologies, including creating our own. We encourage creativity and inventive talents; as what is the future without thinking out of the box?

We settle for nothing less than excellence in our work.

The Technology we develop impacts millions of people. We work exclusively to make sure the products and services we produce work in a way that aren't only simple to understand; but give the quality tools and provide the best services possible.